Tuesday July 18, 2017
CRADLEY director Nigel Pearson says Speedway is more environmentally friendly than ever before and is backing plans for a new track in Oldbury.

The Heathens Speedway Supporters Trust announced last week they had submitted a planning application to Sandwell MBC.

Pearson and fellow club bosses have been trying to secure a site for the past eight years but have faced constant setbacks.

But he believes the Trust are making encouraging steps and has wished them well in their quest to give the world famous club their own home track for the first time since the controversial closure of Dudley Wood back in 1995.

Said Pearson: “A new home is all anyone has ever wanted during the time the Heathens have been back on track, and I personally was delighted when I got the news an outline planning application had gone in.

“I’ve even stopped off to take a look at the site myself, and I know Chris Van Straaten was made aware of it when he was chairman of the sport.

“I sincerely hope there’s a change in attitude and it can come to fruition. People have to remember the sport is more environmentally friendly than it has been ever before, and I’m sure the Trust have their ducks in line as far as that is concerned.

“I like the fact they’re referring to an acoustic barrier and the location being a natural bowl. They’re making the right noises with those kinds of statements.

“It frustrates me that speedway has an image of being a loud, dirty sport when environmentally it’s more friendly than it’s ever been before.

“I think you’d find that the noise of 15 speedway races is less than that of the Birmingham New Road or the M5 for residents.”

Meanwhile, Pearson is determined to see them bolster their Travel Plus National League play-off push on the track when they host Stoke at Monmore Green on Monday (7.30).

“It was a great result for the boys to beat Plymouth like we did,” he added. “We’ve just got to keep winning our home matches.

“We’re monitoring the team on an ongoing basis, and we need to win at home to Stoke to keep our play-off hopes alive.

“I know Will Pottinger was furious when we lost at Stoke recently as he felt we missed an opportunity for an away win, so I’m sure they’ll be keen for some revenge.”

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